Lighthouse Shipping Company Ltd, is offering complete crew or a single position and the qualified workers for different types of vessels, whenever is needed. The management of Company is open for discussions and negotiations concerning partnership.

Our mission is to have fully satisfied ship – owner – managers, as well as seafarers.

Our Company aims to perform with resiliency and endurance with its crew , its principal and in the society with integrity, fair growth and honesty.

We aim to provide a quality search and selection of officers and ratings for a wide range of clients. Set up to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of today’s maritime industry, we are totally committed to ensuring that client care, professionalism and ethics remain top of our agenda.

Lighthouse Shipping we go full ahead towards a better future, proactive program stable management and assured personnel welfare.

We want to support promotion programs for deck and engines cadets, supporting and recommending them to our partners we work with. The Romanian Maritime School has a good international reputation, prepares future officers with real theoretical and practical knowledge that would deal with any situation at sea.